The world-class beach resort of Bentota is situated on the western coast of Sri Lanka, just 64 km from Colombo. Water sports, cultural visits and sweet idleness, there’s something for everyone in Bentota!

Created in the 1960s, Bentota was named after an ancient legend in which Bem, a demon, controlled the river (“tota”). White sandy beaches fringed by coconut trees and high-class hotels have made of Bentota the premier beach resort on the island. January to April are the best months to go and enjoy the sun and heat to the full! Worldwide travellers and Sri Lankans alike come here to revitalise themselves.

Bentota, from watersports to sweet idleness

Like any other beach resort, Bentota offers a variety of water sports. There are activities to suit everyone, from children to adults, and for all levels. The main leisure activities are scuba diving, to discover the wonderful Sri Lankan seabed, and fishing. Visitors keen on sport will also enjoy jet-skiing, canoeing or surfing. Others can just relax on the marvellous long stretches of white sand. However you do have to be careful when you go for a swim as the sea can be dangerous, even for good swimmers. Make sure you watch the children as they go in the water. One excursion not to be missed during your stay in Bentota is the river boat trip on the Bentota Ganga river. You can see many islets and discover an amazing flora and fauna.

Beach resorts are usually lively places with all kinds of accommodation. Bentota has a whole range of hotels, from luxurious villas to simple guesthouses, as well as seaside bars and restaurants. The choice of cuisine is varied, from international food to more typical dishes. Bentota, however, is not ideal for great party-goers, since nightclubs are thin on the ground.

Things to do around Bentota

If watersports are not your cup of tea, there are other things you can do around Bentota. First, if you like to laze around the beach but want to discover another resort, there are other places close to Bentota such as Beruwela, Kalutara or Kosgoda.

The area around Bentota also offers great cultural visits. At Aluthgama Market you can sample local products and cuisine and mingle with the very friendly Sri Lankan population. You can also see the remains of the Galapatha Buddhist Temple or visit Brief Garden, an exotic garden created by landscape artist Bewis Bawa. Sea turtles can be seen at the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project, located a few kilometres from Bentota.

Bentota is a small town and well-known beach resort that attracts international and Sri Lankan visitors looking to revitalise themselves. Despite being a world-class resort, Bentota has kept its Sri Lankan charm. From water sports to sweet idleness on the beach, it’s the ideal place to relax after touring in Sri Lanka. You will have a brilliant time whether you come as a family or as a couple.