Our customers’ reviews about Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Dilhani, your travel expert


Dilhani, our travel expert of Sri Lanka


Our travellers went on a tour of Sri Lanka and the Maldives or just to Sri Lanka and discovered an amazing culture. They share with you their experience, their regrets and their favourite discoveries. Here are their testimonies…Request a quote






Nathalie, family trip (May 2018)


«I want to thank My Travel Sri Lanka for this awesome family trip.

Our holiday was well-balanced between discovery and the quality of the hotels.

We have loved its distinctively landscapes, flora and fauna, culture and the kindness of the people. »





Bruno and Sophie, Honeymoon (April 2018)



«A dreamy honeymoon, very rich on human and cultural level.

We learn on the fascinating civilisation and a past rich in history. We discover interesting places and breathtaking landscapes.

Sri Lanka is an exotic destination; its people are nice and friendly.»




Nicholas, Family trip  (April 2018)


«Excellent stay in an exotic setting. Our itinerary was well-rhythmic. The hotels were great.

Our guide and our driver were the key elements for this beautiful trip.»






Brigitte, Laurence, Fabrice  voyage entre amis (Mars 2018)


«Our holidays in Sri Lanka were exotic and fantastic.

The travel agent has greatly elaborated our little stay; we are very content of the our stay’s preparation.

We have visited the unavoidable of Sri Lanka for the first time; it was phenomenal.»





Sebastien and Catherine, couple trip  (March 2018)



«The service that the agent gave us was diverse and very appreciated.

The hotels are suitable to our wishes, the guide awesome and very present, and responsive, the choice of the visits and the outings perfect.»





Didier and Pascaline, Family trip (February 2018)


«Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for a family trip: cultural traditions, animals, flora and fauna, distinct landscapes, everything was exceptional.

The people was very friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing. The food is really delicious.

The kids liked the elephant ride. The Buddhists ceremonies are magical.»





Sandrine, Family trip (January 2018)


«The discovery of Sri Lanka was very distinct thanks to Karina’s enriching program. The driver was inconspicuous and friendly.

He shared us his knowledge on Buddhism and his country. The welcome at the hotel was warm.

In short, a well-organized trip with different steps.»





Patrick and Nadia, Honeymoon (January 2018)


«Our honeymoon in Sri Lanka Maldives was simply remarkable.

Our little getaway was fantastically customized: discover the country, the culture, the animals, nature and relaxation in Maldives.

A big thanks to Karina.»





Christelle and Nicolas – Honeymoon (Octobre 2017)


«Great holiday in Sri Lanka.

We did not know this part of the world, and we were amazed, specially its nature and its people are friendly.

Our trip suited us perfectly: the guide, the driver, the hotels and the welcome were excellent. We loved the beauty of Sri Lanka.»





Sylvie – Family trip (September 2017)


«Our holidays in Sri Lanka went well.

Bastien gave us good pieces of advice, he was able to highlight our wishes to match the activities of the kids.

We were followed on every steps of our holiday. A big thanks you to the agency.»





Laurent and Aurélie – Couple trip (August 2017)


«We just arrived from our trip to Sri Lanka. Bastien’s advice was really precious. The driver/guide was friendly.

We visited some significant places. The visit of the Elephant Orphanage was awesome. Sri Lankans are nice.

The nature is magical. Whales, safaris, and great walks in nature were fantastic.»





Marion, Alain, Didier and Bruno – Trip with friends (July 2017)


«A well-suited itinerary that allowed us to make beautiful discovery in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country of truly incredible diversity.

The hotels were well located and pleasant. The landscapes, the cultural richness, the discoveries, the walks, everything was fascinated.

We had a very nice trip.»





Amandine and Michel – couple trip (June 2017)

mvsl 2

«The organization of the trip was ok. We are satisfied with our trip to Sri Lanka.

Bastien was available on the phone; he managed effectively small questions and concerns that we encountered once there.

In short, the hotels were comfortable. Sri Lanka is a multifaceted destination. A memorable trip with unforgettable moments.»





Stéphane  – Family trip  (May 2017)

10«An unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka.

Bastien organized our trip very well, which allowed us to discover beautiful places and meet friendly locals.

The elephant orphanage was the kids’ favourite, we had the chance to assist the elephant bath, the babies elephants were playing in the water, it was real delight to watch. Thanks for all !!!»




Gerard and  Olivia – couple trip (Mars 2017)


«Our trip was perfectly in line with the promises; we had an excellent romantic vacation.

The hotels were clean, comfortable and absolutely suited to our wishes. The driver was patient and was listening to us. He suggested small corners whereby we savored the delights of Sri Lanka.

Our schedule was perfect.»





Julie – Trip with friends (February 2017)

mvsl 5

«Sri Lanka is a very beautiful destination, especially the mountainous area is captivating.

Our itinerary was very well elaborated. The beauty of this zone is unbelievable. Its people are friendly and charming.

The driver and the guide helped us to better discover his country, his culture, and his traditions. He shared his knowledge of his country.

We highly recommend Sri Lanka without hesitation.»




Veronique and Noël – couple trip  (January 2017)

MVSL 6«Karina’s advice for customizing our trip was appropriate and suited our wishes. Our guide and driver were friendly.

Sri Lanka is an authentic country; its people are adorable and kind. Exuberant nature, the train ride is an experience not to be missed.

Our trip was phenomenal. The accommodations were lovely.

Thanks to the agency for making us live magical moments, we’ll keep the best moments.»




Patricia and her family, family trip in Sri Lanka (August 2016)

mvsl 7«It was an exotic trip and rich in discovery for the whole family.

The highlights of our trip: the visit of the garden spice, the train ride (we were a little shaken but the view is breathtaking over the tea plantations), climbing the Lion Rock, a little too much touristy for my taste but beautiful anyway.

Small improvement to make: add one night at Nuwara Eliya to enjoy the richness of this beautiful place.»




Laura and Jérôme, couple trip in Sri Lanka (February 2016)

mvsl 8

« A beautiful trip despite a little rain that did not spoil the trip.

We have specially liked to discover the routine of the sri lankan’s family who

welcomed us at the homestay lunch.

A big thanks to the agency for this trip.»




Aurélien and his friends, trip with friends in Sri Lanka (January 2016)

mvsl 2

«Amazing trip, good organization, the steps of the itinerary were rhythmic. We loved the visit of the Mulkirigala Temple at the north-west of Tangalle.  

Even if the climb towards the temple was stressful, it was worthy, the view was marvelous from above.»





Olivier and Manon, Trip to Sri Lanka (January 2016)


«A pleasant trip which perfectly match our expectations.

Our favourite stop in Sri Lanka was the archaeological site of Polonnaruwa that we visited on bicycle and at Maldives we swam with the manta rays. »






Ludovic and his family, trip with family in Sri Lanka (December 2015)



«Sri Lanka is remarkable country to discover with family. We have liked its nature, culture and animals.  

Our daughter loved feeding baby elephants at the Pinnawala Orphanage.»





Sandrine and Guillaume, Honeymoon Sri Lanka (December 2015)


«Exotic trip to Sri Lanka. We have loved the authenticity, the warm welcome and the exotic scenery during the itinerary.

We have loved the beach stay at Mirissa, especially my husband who loves surfing there.

We are already planning our next trip with you.»





Karine and Mickaël, Honeymoon Sri Lanka-Maldives (November 2015)


«We have just returned from our honeymoon, and we thank you for the organization and the meticulous details for our honeymoon.

We have loved our trip to the Maldives; the hotel was perfect and the beach is absolutely divine.»






Isabelle and Fabrice (September 2015)


«We had a wonderful trip, and the itinerary was perfect.

We really enjoyed the guide, Justin, who was marvelous and made us discover






Madam Vix and her family, Sri Lanka (august 2015)


«We are very pleased with the organisation of the whole itinerary which was perfectly balanced between comfort and authenticity.

We especially liked our hotel at Passikudah. »






Vincent T. et Emilie N., Honeymoon, Sri Lanka (august 2015)


«Our honeymoon went on very well, in general; the hotels were well chosen tastefully.

We particularly enjoyed the Saunter Paradise; the decor is pleasant and the staff genuinely attentive.  

We would like to thanks our driver, Kalika, for his kindness and availability.»





Francis Disdier et ses amis,Sri Lanka (august 2015)


«We had an amazing itinerary rich in discovery, with gorgeous landscapes, safari etc.

According to us, it was the best period for this itinerary. All the hotels were very well selected, the

Villa Garden is located in a beautiful and calm decor, and the service was excellent.

Our driver, Raheem, was very present, attentive, and quick to find solutions throughout our stay.»




Nathalie and Stéphanie, Sri Lanka-Maldives (February 2015)

orphelinat-des-éléphants«We have wonderful memories of our visit to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage: I was able to bottle-feed a baby elephant and we saw the elephants have a relaxing bath in the river. Dambulla’s rock-carved temple is just sublime!

The ascent of Lion Rock in Sigiriya isn’t exactly easy but the views are worth it… Sri Lanka is a magnificent country with many different landscapes. I came back delighted from this tailored tour! »




Sylvie, Thierry and friends, Sri Lanka (February 2015)

1«The hotels met our expectations, they were very comfortable, and the escorting staff was perfect and suited our group perfectly. We saw very beautiful markets, lush vegetation and splendid scenery!

We really liked the impromptu stops; there was a surprise at every turn: an improvised tasting in a pineapple field, an elephant or a monitor lizard crossing the road in front of us…

I would recommend your agency for the organisation, the kindness of the staff and Dilhani’s good knowledge of the country. »



Nadine and Philippe, Sri Lanka (January 2015)

10«On the whole accommodation was satisfactory; we especially liked the Green Paradise Hotel and the Spring Villas!

Our three-hour walk in the tea plantations and our visit to the Uda Walawe elephant park are excursions that we’ll remember particularly fondly…

Unfortunately, the walk took place on a Sunday so there were no women picking tea in the fields. We really enjoyed bottle-feeding the baby elephants! »




Catherine, Véronique and Joelle, Sri Lanka (January 2015)

6«The towns and the sites are so different from one another that there’s always something to discover!

We loved all the nature-based visits, the various walks… the visit of the wild coast in Kirinda is wonderful.

In addition, we were lucky enough to do this trip with an excellent driver guide who was kind and always available! However, we liked a lot less the visits ‘designed for tourists’, we could have done without them. »




Marc-Albert and Odile, Sri Lanka-Maldives (January 2015)

8«Sri Lanka is a very beautiful place. We love this country and everything there is to discover: nature, the people, the culture, the climate, the scenery!

Our best memories are of our stay at Kuramathi Island Resort in the Maldives, Uda Walawe National Park and the famous Mount Sigiriya and Lion Rock. Most of the hotels were great and offered a friendly welcome.

However, the trip could have been a lot better. I felt I wanted more once we reached the end of the trip… »



Sandrine and Christophe, Sri Lanka (January 2015)

5«We got very good advice from our travel advisors, who knew the country, the hotels and the customs extremely well….

We loved the ceremony at Kandy Temple, the ascent of Lion Rock, and also the walk in the tea plantations and the elephants’ bath. We really want to thank Dilhani and Sofia for organising our trip, and also Gumunu, our driver guide, who looked after us all along this fabulous trip!”





Deborah and Paul, Sri Lanka-Maldives (December 2014)

2«Our favourite visits were Yala for the safari and magnificent landscapes, the tea-growing region for its unique scenery and the Cultural Triangle, thanks to the diversity of the various sites. Sigiriya was our absolute favourite during this trip. Accommodation was excellent overall!

However, we felt less welcome in the Maldives… We felt a bit lost and unimportant among a great number of Chinese tourists. But the hotel was splendid and fully met our expectations. »





Michèle, Jean-Pierre and friends, Sri Lanka-Maldives (November 2014)

mvsl 2

«The Cultural Triangle, the tea trail, Lion Rock, the Temple of the Tooth of Buddha, the train journey… there are so many amazing landscapes that we enjoyed discovering!

But we didn’t like the big cities very much, except for Colombo maybe. We particularly want to mention the kindness displayed by both our guide and our driver. They both listened to us and were very attentive to our needs. We loved visiting Sri Lanka in their company. »





Robert and Angélique, Sri Lanka (September 2014)



«Accommodation was very good, the hotel in Nuwara Eliya was welcoming and well-situated to discover nearby villages.

We also loved our walk in ‘Little England’, and the ascent of Mount Sigiriya, with breathtaking views from the top. The Polonnaruwa site was a discovery we will never forget. »




Alexandre and Dorian, Sri Lanka-Maldives (August 2014)


«All the towns, all the sites we visited and the whole itinerary were superb.

We particularly liked Sigiriya, as well as the estates around the Viharagala Bungalow and Ecolanka Lodge, where we had an excellent time.

Overall we were extremely satisfied with the accommodation! A big thank you to your team and our driver, who was very professional and very pleasant. »




Tatiana, Thierry and their daughter, Sri Lanka (June 2014)

mvsl 8«Our trip went very well! Our driver was perfect: he answered all our questions and made us taste lots of exotic fruit for free.

Transport-wise, a 4WD would have been better because we were being shaken around quite a lot despite our driver’s good driving!

The hotels met our expectations, except for the Lake Hotel and the Lake Lodge, where the third bed was uncomfortable. »





Romane, Christophe and their children, Sri Lanka (April 2014)

MVSL 02«We had a very good trip! We loved the kindness of Sri Lankan people, particularly at the Sevanagama guest house! Although access to the Spring Villas was difficult, the site was gorgeous.

The Heaven’s Edge was brilliant! We had amazing views! Our accommodation in private homes was very good but some of the hotels were too touristy and noisy, that’s a shame.

We really want to thank Andrew for his support, his kindness, his attentiveness and his discretion! He’s an excellent guide and we strongly recommend him. »




Aurore and Baptiste, Sri Lanka (April 2014)


«We had a wonderful trip! Sri Lanka is more than a country, it’s a philosophy! The sites we visited were of such immense cultural richness. Accommodation was very good overall. The lunch we had in a private home was delicious.

The hotels we loved best were the Sevanagama Hotel in Habarana and the Melheim Resort in Haputale. Their services, their meals, their kindness… everything was perfect! Thank you, Dilhani and Sofia, for planning this unforgettable tour! »




Annie, Gilles and their two daughters, Sri Lanka (February 2014)


«We had an unforgettable experience! Our kids adored the visit to the elephant orphanage, it was the first time they saw any. The baby elephant feeding session was really moving.

The hotels’ buffets were acceptable; the children appreciated them because the local food was too different for them. My husband and I particularly liked the verdant scenery near Nuwara Eliya!

It was a very good idea to include a hike and a white water rafting trip in a family tour! We are thinking of going travelling again with our children in the near future. »




Karine and Bruno, Sri Lanka-Maldives (January 2014)


«It was hard coming back to France after such a trip! The hotels didn’t disappoint, they were perfect! The staff was friendly.

We didn’t find all the visits that riveting, but our driver’s humour helped us have a pleasant time. »






Catherine and Philippe, Sri Lanka (January 2014)


«Our trip was too short; there are so many things to see! Luckily, our tour gave us the opportunity to see the Sri Lankan highlights (elephants, the Golden Temple, Lion Rock, the hill country, the tea plantations).

We were pleasantly surprised by the kindness and friendliness of the Sri Lankans. We were welcomed very warmly wherever we went. We didn’t like the local cuisine so much; it’s a matter of personal taste! »




Véronique, Thierry and their son, Sri Lanka (January 2014)


«This was our first big family trip et we were quite worried about it! Our travel advisor took the time to answer all our questions, which was very helpful. We were warmly greeted at the airport by the local representative.

Our 8-year-old son has great memories of the animals he saw and the traditional dancing. He was blown away by the fire-walking demonstration! I love nature, so I particularly enjoyed our visits to the spice garden and to the tea plantations.

The only downside is that they are touristy places, so they attract a lot of people! »



Patricia, Lionel and their children, Sri Lanka-Maldives (December 2013)


«The whole family loved this holiday. As soon as we arrived we did a boat trip that showed us the beauty of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately we didn’t see the baby elephant feeding session at the orphanage.

But the cycling, the climbing, the gardens and the temples were enough to satisfy everybody.

Our hotel in the Maldives organised activities for kids, so my wife and I were able to have a truly relaxing time. If only the spa had offered us a treatment, it would have been perfect! »




Sabrina and Mickael, Sri Lanka-Maldives (November 2013)


«We chose the Sri Lanka-Maldives combined tour for our honeymoon, because we had wanted to visit Sri Lanka for a long time but also wanted to relax at the beach for a few days. It was our honeymoon so we had plenty of little extras.

I was given a sari (traditional dress), our bedroom was nearly always decorated in a romantic manner. We even got a free massage! We didn’t like so much taking the train in Sri Lanka: despite the magnificent scenery, we would have liked something a bit more intimate! »




Isabelle, Olivier and their children, Sri Lanka (November 2013)

mvsl 8

«We wanted to go on a family trip somewhere completely different and we weren’t disappointed.

We had lunch in a private home and we felt honoured to be able to share a meal with a Sri Lankan family. Our hosts were brilliant, very warm.

Despite their limited means they really looked after us. That was an unforgettable experience! The pictures we took on our trip made people quite envious! »




Céline and Vincent, Sri Lanka (August 2013)


«A dream holiday for our honeymoon! Dilhani and Sofia planned for us a tailored trip that included everything for a complete change of scenery: gorgeous landscapes and an amazing safari during which we were lucky enough to spot a female leopard and her cubs!

We got shaken around a lot in the jeep but it’s the price to pay to ride among wild animals. »





Nathalie and Cédric, Sri Lanka-Maldives (April 2013)


«We loved the arrangement of starting with the Sri Lankan tour and then following it up with a relaxing time on the beach in the Maldives.

The scenery we saw from the train in Sri Lanka was awe-inspiring. The Maldives beaches were paradisiac.

We always wanted to sleep in a bungalow on stilts, and now we’ve done it! In addition, the staff at the Adaaran Rannalhi was adorable. The meals were less typical than in Sri Lanka yet very acceptable. »




Sandrine and Vincent, Sri Lanka-Maldives (April 2013)


 “So many things amazed us in Sri Lanka: the canoe trip, the elephants, the traditional dancing, the safari!

Although I was uncomfortable at the idea of flying on a seaplane, the crew was able to reassure me and in the end, the flight went well. The view from the sky was impressive.

And to top it all, we finished our holiday in the Maldives on a beach bordered by turquoise waters! Our hotel, the Royal Island, was fabulous; we have recommended it to our friends.”